A door open to dialogue and cooperation



GATE is a door open to knowledge, science, culture, and the cultures.


GATE is an open door to overcoming prejudices, to understanding the differences.


GATE is an open door to know the changes that shape the future.


GATE is an open door to promoting social advances.


GATE is an open door to defend peaceful coexistence.


GATE is an open door to promote a more perfect international Political Community.


GATE is an open door to defend the UNITY of the Nations and the United Nations system.


GATE is an open door to contribute to the SDGs.


GATE is respect, coexistence and PEACE.

GATE Center: JUNTA DIRECTIVA. Daniel Romero-Abreu Kaup.
GATE Center: JUNTA DIRECTIVA. Feng Yi Zhang.
GATE Center: CONSEJO ASESOR. José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero.


GATE Center is a project of three Spanish entrepreneurs that aims to analyze the most relevant global changes that will determine the 21st century. Daniel Romero-Abreu, Tomas Ferradas and Eduardo Fernández promote this thinktank in order to contribute to understanding the global trends and of the emerging countries in the economy, in social changes, technology and their impact on the international political order. The three founders wish that this entity is constituted in an open meeting space for dialogue, and thus favour the values of cooperation, peace and progress.

GATE Center is organized in three global research areas: economic and technological, social and institutional geopolitics.

At the head of them is Miguel Sebastián, economist and minister of Industry, Tourism and Commerce of the government of Spain 2008-2011, as academic coordinator.

The entity disseminates its analysis in Spanish, English and Chinese. GATE Center is managed by Thinking Heads, a company specializing in knowledge platforms and has an Advisory Council chaired by José Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, President of the Spanish Government 2004- 2011.


Dialogue, commitment to promote communication and cooperation between regions.

Diversity of thought and social inclusion.

Sustainability, we promote the SDGs and the 2030 Agenda.

Respect for and defense of international peace, coexistence and tolerance

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