GCG Index

The GCG Index (Gravity Center GATE Index) is an imaginary point on the earth's surface, which captures a "center of gravity" of global economic and commercial activity. It is calculated by multiplying the weighting of major countries in world GDP and exports by their respective geographic coordinates.

The GCG Index has a value for each year and its movements denote the shifts of this "center of gravity" from some areas of the planet to others. The GCG Index is an original creation of GATE Center.

In summary…

In 1960 the global economic “centre of gravity” was located in the North Atlantic, given the weight of both the American economy and the Western Europe. In the evolution over the last two decades, with the increase in the relative weight of Japan, first and then of China, Korea, India and the Asian emerging countries, the economic “center of gravity” has been moving towards the Pacific. However, no North-South displacement is detected, since the economic and commercial weight of the main countries is maintained in the same parallel.