Video Summary: BottleNeck GATE Presentation

Sep 20, 2022 | Gate, Publications |

Miguel Sebastián, academic coordinator of the GATE Center, and Rafael Galán del Río, “Perpe”, director of the Economic Area of the GATE Center, presented the BottleNeck GATE, an indicator that shows the tensions, both in terms of prices and volume, in the supply of raw materials and industrial goods to Western countries.

Juan Ignacio Crespo, Spanish mathematician, financier and economic analyst, also took part in this presentation webinar and applauded this initiative launched by GATE Center.

The novelty of the BottleNeck GATE indicator lies in its methodology, which brings together the results of the four main maritime trade indices -BDI (Baltic Dry Index) normal and smoothed, CCFI (China Cargo and Container Freight Export Index), Harpex index of the container ship charter market and the VHSS (New Contex) index on charter rates- giving each of them a different weight and then relating them to the IPRI.

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