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The crisis in development cooperation: a new opportunity?

Marisa Ramos Rollón The crisis in development cooperation is unquestionable; for more than a decade, the urgency of reviewing its objectives,...

The fight against organised crime: success and failure in El Salvador

Érika Rodríguez Pinzón and Thiago Rodrigues. Latin America and the Caribbean is a region characterised by high levels of insecurity and violence,...

Food (in)security in the 21st century: A critical look at globalisation

Kattya Cascante Hernández. Hunger is one of the most extreme manifestations of poverty and one of the most outrageous violations of human rights....

VIDEO : Presentation of the book “Afghanistan un conflicto permanente” by José Miguel Calvillo

Relive the presentation of the book "Afghanistan: a permanent conflict. Factors and dynamics to understand an endless war" by the author José Miguel...

GATE Center is a space for reflection and analysis that aims to study emerging global trends in the economy, in social changes, technology and their impact on the international political order.


Disconnected Goals: The BRICS and the reproductive health of the SDGs

Alba Teresa González Esteban and Paula Toro Bahamonde In this research, Alba Teresa González Esteban and Paula Toro Bahamonde review the efforts...

Does the BRICS partnership challenge North-South dynamics?

María del Pilar Acarapi Portillo and José Antonio Figueras Flores The BRICS partnership challenges the North-South dynamic. This paper by María del...

The new generation of global leaders

At GATE Center, we recognise and value the unlimited potential of youth on the global stage. That is why we have created the "Young Voices" section,...


1st GATE Center Award for Development Studies in Africa and Asia

GATE Center is a think tank dedicated to the study of global and emerging trends in economics, social events and technological development, and...

Presentation of the book “Afghanistan, a permanent conflict” by José Miguel Calvillo | Press release

GATE Center"Afghanistan a permanent conflict".    Madrid, 19 de enero 2024 Organised by the GATE Center, the event to launch the book «Afghanistan:...

Forum Book: ‘The world of connections: the future of Asian capitalism’ by Simon Commander with Miguel Sebastián and Águeda Parra

LibroForum: ‘The Connections World: The Future of Asian Capitalism’, escrito por el economista Simon Commander expone cómo el modelo de conexiones...

BottleNeck GATE Presentation

Desde 2010 hasta 2021 el índice BottleNeck GATE ha permanecido relativamente estable, con oscilaciones, sin embargo, la pandemia disparó el índice...

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