Nace GATE Center, un think tank centrado en los cambios globales | Nota de prensa

GATE Center, a think tank created to focus on global changes | Press release

Apr 5, 2022 | Press |

The former President of the Government, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, presides over the Advisory Council of a new think tank focused on building dialogue on the current international trends and dynamics.

GATE Center, a think tank created to focus on global changes.

This new project for reflection and analysis seeks to contribute towards understanding the most relevant changes that will determine the twenty-first century in the field of economy, society, technology and the international political order.

– The Gravity Center GATE indicator, which will soon be presented, will show a center of gravity on the earth surface calculated from the global economic and commercial activity and its displacement over the last 60 years.

– Jeffrey Sachs, Rebeca Grynspan, Paulo Portas, Elena Pisonero, Elkhalil Binebine, Zhimin Hu and Özlem Kumrular are on the Advisory Council.


Madrid, 5 April 2022

This Tuesday the think tank GATE Center has been presented in Madrid, a new project for reflection and analysis whose purpose is to help understand the most relevant changes that will determine the twenty-first century in the field of economy, society, technology and the international political order.

This initiative, promoted by the Spanish entrepreneurs Daniel Romero-AbreuTomás Ferradas and Eduardo Fernández, aims to be an open space for coming together, dialogue, research and dissemination of new emerging realities in international development to foster the values of cooperation, peace and progress.

The knowledge generated by the entity will be structured for the large regions of the world, Asia, Latin America, North America, Europe and Africa; and it will be categorized into three areas of research, economic and technological, social and institutional geopolitics.

All the material will be published in different formats such as articles, video analysis content, webinars and events and reports, among others, with the objective of offering useful knowledge and information on economic, technological, social and political trends. Miguel Sebastián, academic director of the Gate Center, explained in the press conference that with all this material, GATE Center is presented as a commitment to avant-garde global research and the dissemination of international cooperation and development.

“For more than two years we have observed that the world is changing, so a few months ago we saw the need to create this permanent observatory to analyse this new and constantly changing political, economic and social reality. We wish to show a different angle on the changes that come from the emerging regions. A perspective that analyses the deep reaching global changes that are taking place in this first quarter of the century”, said Daniel Romero-Abreu.


Measurement of the global centre of gravity according to economic, political and social indicators

GATE Center has built an indicator called Gravity Center GATE that will be presented soon. This is a centre of gravity on the earth surface calculated from the global economic and commercial activity. The indicator will also show its displacement over the last 60 years in a very visual way. To calculate it, the importance of each country in the world GDP and trade is measured by their respective geographical coordinates. In this way, the resulting final coordinate is a weighted average of all the coordinates of the world’s 25 main economies. Gravity Center GATE has a specific value for each year and moves according to how the weight increases or decreases of the different countries in the global GDP and trade.

In addition to this indicator, GATE Center incorporates Bottleneck GATE, which reflects the tension, both of prices and volume, in the supply of raw materials and of industrial goods to the Western countries and is based on four maritime trade indicators: Baltic Dry Index, CCFI, HARPEX and CONTEX.

Another line of Gate Center thought is that related to social changes, led by Violeta Domínguez, who will focus her study on how the COVID-19 pandemic, the climate crisis and the intensification of armed conflicts throughout the world have exacerbated a series of pre-existing social inequalities. “We seek to analyse the causes that have caused a precarious health system far from global health coverage, an education system with significant learning losses and growing nutritional deficiencies in vulnerable populations, among many other challenges.”


A global advisory committee

GATE Center was created with strong global commitment, and for this reason its advisory committee is headed by the former Spanish Government President, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero. He is accompanied by the economist Jeffrey Sachs; Rebeca Grynspan, former Ibero-American secretary and current Secretary-General of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development; Paulo Portas, former Portuguese Deputy Prime Minister; Elena Pisonero, former Secretary of State for Economy, Energy and SMEs in Spain; Elkhalil Binebine, international financial expert and member of the Arab Banking Association; Zhimin Hu, director in China Harbour Engineering Co. Ltd, in the Americas Division and Özlem Kumrular, Turkish and Hispanist writer.

In addition, the academic committee is led by Miguel Sebastián, former Minister of Industry, Tourism and Commerce (2008-2011). Violeta Domínguez, former UN Women representative in Latin America; Rafael Galán del Rio, “Perpe”, telecommunications engineer and economist and Mateo Valero, founder and director of the Barcelona National Supercomputing Centre.

José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero has said that “we are living a change of historical cycle, only comparable to that experienced in the first part of the twentieth century, in which large powers emerge. We must answer fundamental questions on how the world’s economic centre of gravity will evolve. Therefore, this project is intended to open doors to dialogue, knowledge, cooperation between different cultures and diverse regions. Therefore, it is made up of people involved in working for a common idea, willing to share their knowledge and analysis and who open up the debate”.

About GATE Center – A door open to dialogue and cooperation

GATE Center is a non-profit entity, a space for reflection and analysis that has as its mission to study global and emerging trends in the economy, the social sphere, technology and their impact on the international political order. It seeks to contribute to the understanding of the changes that will determine this century.


GATE Center comunicación:

Enrique Marí: + 34 607 489 484

Andrea Losada: + 34 673 102 904

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