Meeting with Patricia Hurtado: Iguales Foundation

Aug 18, 2022 | Events |

At GATE Center we work and follow with great interest the issue of gender equality at a global level within the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda. As part of this work, Violeta Domínguez Acosta, director of the Social Area of GATE, interviews Patricia Hurtado, a Bolivian lawyer, activist, entrepreneur and the founder and director of Fundación Iguales in Bolivia.

During the interview, the two talk about the foundation’s work to promote gender equality in the Bolivian business environment and to promote a deeper transformation of the entire ecosystem. In the framework of the empowerment of women in business, the current situation of women, as well as the main causes and barriers they face to reach management positions, are some of the points that are addressed, in addition to some measures to reduce the gender gap in this area.

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