Development in transition as an opportunity

Nov 2, 2023 | Publications, Videos |

Érika Rodríguez Pinzón.

Development in transition as an opportunity

Development in transition is a concept that arises because of the challenges faced by countries that are neither poor nor fully developed. Their graduation as middle-income countries excludes them from international lending and financing schemes that focus on the most disadvantaged regions. This exclusion limits the ability of countries still in difficulty to improve crucial aspects such as social policy and environmental protection. 

Against this background, the European Union, in collaboration with other multilateral agencies, has developed a new category called development in transition. This classification arises as an opportunity for countries to adapt programmes and policies specifically to their needs, and is particularly relevant for Latin America, where most states, with the exception of Haiti, belong to this group. This new approach therefore seeks to improve, adjust and direct efforts to the specific characteristics and needs of the Latin American territory.

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