Dialogue between Development Think tanks in the face of transitions – REEDES Congress

Jun 4, 2024 | Events |

At the VII International Congress of Development Studies, promoted by REEDES, the University Institute of Development and Cooperation and the Complutense Institute of International Studies, a round table entitled ‘Dialogue between Development Think Tanks in the face of Transitions’ was organised by GATE Center. This space brought together some of the most renowned female voices in the area of research into development cooperation, such as Anna Ayuso (CIDOB), Iliana Olivié (Real Instituto Elcano), Susanne Gratius (GATE Center) and Erika Rodríguez Pinzón (Fundación Carolina). Kattya Cascante, President of REEDES, was the moderator in charge of leading the colloquium.

In this roundtable, which aimed to explore the role of think tanks in the construction of knowledge on the challenges associated with the transitions and transformations of this century, each of the speakers had the opportunity to present the strategies and frameworks of analysis that are implemented in each of the think tanks to which they belong. In this way, and thanks to the moderator’s handling of the conversation, the audience was able to witness live the emergence of links and synergies resulting from this pooling of approaches and methodologies. All the speakers agreed and underlined the essential importance of the personal links that united them, affirming that women’s networks are a very powerful tool in the area of development. However, it is necessary to go further and, far from the dynamics of competition, this dialogue served to demonstrate the willingness of each of the participants to make the think tank sector a cooperative dimension that gives rise to a common strategy in order to make progress on shared challenges.

Erika Rodríguez highlighted the purpose of the dialogue per ser, which had created the necessary conditions for ‘rethinking the world of think tank thinking’, thanking the GATE Center for its efforts to give a leading role to this task, which has been so neglected in recent times on the Spanish scene. In this way, the different interventions pointed to an adjustment of the strategic planning of these centres towards a holistic approach to transitions.

Another noteworthy finding of this ‘Dialogue between Development Think Tanks in the face of Transitions’ is the commitment to build an agenda focused on reinforcing the dissemination exercise in order to promote the transmission of the messages and knowledge produced to all actors in the system, stressing the need to involve the social sector and the civilian population in this.

The conversation covered many other interesting topics, such as the relationship between technology and information with politics and democracy or the importance of developing foresight and trend studies. We encourage you to watch the full recording so that you don’t miss any of these enriching reflections.

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