GATE Center- Prensa: “Estados Unidos ha recuperado el G7 por temor al sorpasso de China”

Leaders of GATE Center Asia and representatives of the Provincial Council of Cadiz meet to explore opportunities for joint economic development.

May 7, 2024 | Press |

Madrid, 7 May 2024

Fengyi Zhang, President of Gate Center Asia and Xiaoyu Shao, General Director of GATE Center Asia have held a working meeting with the Fourth Vice President of the Provincial Council of Cadiz, responsible for Planning, Coordination and Strategic Development, Germán Beardo.

The main objective of the meeting was to establish a common agenda to promote institutional visits and the exchange of commercial and business information. The goal is to explore various opportunities and avenues for investment and business development, thus benefiting both regions.

The GATE Center’s focus on addressing relevant changes and emerging trends that will define the 21st century highlights Asia’s growing importance in the global context. Its mission is to build bridges and foster dialogue between diverse communities, providing inclusive and rigorous responses to new economic and technological trends.

This meeting underlines the importance of working together and international cooperation to foster economic and social development through dialogue and mutual understanding, aligning with the GATE Center’s goals of promoting accessible expertise in a number of key areas.


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GATE Center is a non-profit organisation, a space for reflection and analysis whose mission is to study global and emerging trends in the economy, the social sphere, technology and their impact on the international political order. It seeks to contribute to the understanding of the changes that will determine this century.

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