GATE Center- Publicaciones: Paula Bllesteros. Guerra en Ucrania: ¿Oportunidad para América Latina?

War in Ukraine: Opportunity for Latin America?

Dec 7, 2022 | Articles, Publications |

We are facing the first nine months of a war that is as unnecessary as it is unjust, which has mainly affected Ukraine but which involves a change in the world order with expansive geopolitical impacts. These consequences have also reached Latin America which, although not directly affected, is a region highly valued for its geopolitical and economic potential. The region has important producers and exporters of energy, oil, raw materials such as wheat, corn, as well as resources such as aluminium, nickel, iron, steel, gold, silver, copper, etc., and can cover a large part of the world’s demand for these products. It is a historic opportunity for a region that has as a counterpart the situation of political instability, the economic crisis, the low economic growth projected for this year and the high percentages of poverty and levels of inequality in the region. This leads us to think of a collective way out, where integration is the locomotive of this train so that none of the nations involved are left behind in this new opportunity.

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